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Blessings! My name is Raeven. Since June of 2006 I have lived in a tiny town in the state of Washington. Before that I spent my life in California along the coast. Rising costs of living, stresses over the craziness and disharmony growing ever more prevalent within cities, and a strong desire to connect with nature and bring that experience into the lives of my children, my husband and I uprooted our lives in California and moved to a rural town in Washington state.

Aside from working seasonally for the National Park Service, I spend my time studying, and teaching Tribal Style Belly Dance, performing with my dance troupe sisters at many of the local events and festivals in our little area. I also spend time working to refine my skills in sewing, writing, photography, and other creative endeavors. I love hiking, camping, cycling, swimming, and kayaking in the great outdoors.

Recently my life was blessed with my first grand child, my most precious gift within my life and my greatest spiritual teacher. And because I have been so blessed to be able to share so much time with her, I have been reflecting on my life up to this point and have been working to become the best teacher and role model for her that I can be. This has caused me to reconnect with my spiritual teachings and roots on a deeper and more meaningful level than I ever had in my past, to rediscover the beauty and sacredness of all Life in this amazing Universe, and to seek meaningful ways to share in this sacredness and beauty, this living prayer of life, with my Muse… my grand daughter Sage Lily.

Currently, among seeking various ways to more deeply and meaningfully share in the sacred experience of this life with my little Lotus Jewel of a granddaughter, I am also working on learning about and practicing more sustainable and ecological ways of living in harmony upon this Earth. Which that in itself is not only a sacred act as we show honor and appreciation for the gift of this Earth that provides for all of our needs for survival and beyond, but it’s also an act of self empowerment. As I learn about gardening, about harvesting and preserving food, about healthy vegetarian and vegan cooking, about mulching and composting, about raising chickens, about water catchment and storage, about building your own natural earth based home, about sewing your own clothing from repurposed fabric and clothes….and about more mindful and sacred ways of living and existing…I am empowering myself in ways I’ve never dreamt of when I lived in the city. Some day I even hope to learn how to turn wool into spinning yarn for dyeing, felting, and, knitting…just to have that skill. Some of these skills I have been practicing little by little in different ways over time, and other skills I am still dreaming about, researching, and seeking teachers to guide me.

I hope you enjoy this blog and that every day with every breath your life is blessed and is a blessing and that you will share that blessing with others so that they may be blessed as well. Thank you and I hope we meet in our travels and trade wonderful stories, experiences, and life skills!



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