The Lavender Water Ceremony

It was a small round basin made of copper with a matching pitcher. I had found it one day while scouring yard sales with my infant grand daughter, my little Lotus Jewel. I was dreaming of the Lavender Water Ceremony when we came across it. This was a special ceremony I had just begun sharing with little Sage Lily. Being only a year old and my very best friend, she quite enjoyed many of the things we did together. The Lavender Water Ceremony was one of the many traditions I wished to pass on to her. The ceremony of washing the feet is an ancient tradition, one that conveys love and humility and respect. And with instilling this tradition within my granddaughter’s life, I felt that this was one more way for her and I to remember the importance and value of expressing gratitude, love, humility, appreciation, and the acknowledgement of the Sacred Beauty within the web of life. So I had decided to share the Lavender Ceremony with Sage Lily.

After bringing home the copper basin and pitcher, I gathered together Lavender Oil, Sea Salt, a little bit of White Sage, and petals from some of the beautiful flowers I had picked and dried that summer after they had adorned my home, sharing their brilliant colorful beauty with my family. When their life time had passed and the flowers had begun to wilt, I hung them upside down and allowed them to dry so that I could collect their petals and store them in a small glass jar for use at another time, such as offering.

Sage Lily loves music. Loves it. And from the time before she was even born, I had been putting together a playlist for her that reflected songs about nature, the Goddess, the Divine, gratitude, beauty, and such music that I found peaceful and enchanting. Music by Loreena McKennitt, Lisa Thiel, Coyote Oldman, Joseph Firecrow, Sitar music from India, and many other such artists and types of music were on this playlist that she had been listening to almost every night at bedtime since her birth. It wasn’t the type of music that she liked to dance to like more of the modern stuff I had, or the Tribal Belly Dance music I often practiced with…but she liked the calming music on this playlist nonetheless.

That night my little Lotus Jewel and I went into the bathroom with our copper bowl, pitcher and assortment of oils and herbs. I turned on the music with the Meditation playlist, lit a few candles and thanked the energies of fire for filling my space with blessings, warmth, light and wisdom, and then burned some of the white sage leaves in a sea shell as they smoldered sending their sacred smoke and my prayers of love, gratitude, blessings, and healing up to Divine, deep into the Earth Mother, and out into the World. I  then filled the copper pitcher with water as I thanked the spirits, energies, and keepers of the waters for their blessings of clean, pure, healing, and sacred energies that bless and protect our waters. Then I sprinkled a little sea salt, the lavender oil, and the petals into the water. In many traditions, sea salt is used for purifying and protection. The petals were beautiful to watch resting on the surface of the water in a floating mosaic of swirling and dancing colors. The aromatic soothing smell of Lavender wafted gently in the air creating a sense of calm and peacefulness. I breathed deeply and felt as though the world around me was fading away and a very ancient time and place of sacredness was filling the space within the room, the sense of time melting away leaving only the magic, beauty, and sacredness and timelessness of these traditions and prayers.

After the pitcher was full, I silently grounded and centered my energies. Inviting in the Light and Energy of the Christ Consciousness and allowing that energy to fill the vessel of my being, illuminating me from within. The light spread out from my crown and reached up into the heavens, to Spirit and I whispered my Love and Gratitude for Spirit and the Blessings of this world and within my life, and that I may always be Divinely guided in being of service to others and all life and energies of Spirit, for the highest good of all. Then I saw this energy travel back down from Spirit, down through the crown of my head, down through my body and chakras and through my spine, down from the end of my tailbone and extending like a cord of light down into the Earth, down into the center and the Heart of the Earth. I once again expressed my Love and Gratitude and Healing energies for Earth Mother and thanked Her for the Blessings and Healings of this world and within my life, and that I may always be Divinely guided in being of service to others and all life and energies upon this Earth and of Spirit, for the highest good of all. Then that glowing energy traveled back up from the center of the earth, up through my spine, through my chakras and at my heart center that light radiated outward across the Earth and touching every living essence upon the earth, every stone, every tree, every body of water, every molecule of earth, every energy and element, every plant, every mineral, and every living creature, radiating Christ Consciousness and energies of Gratitude, Love, Healing, and Blessings for the Highest good of all. This visualization and prayer only takes less than a minute for me to visually see, feel, and express, but it’s powerful and important in my daily life.

I sat little Sage Lily on a stool with her small baby feet resting in the copper bowl while she chortled to me delightfully. She is such a good baby, such a happy baby. And truly one of the greatest blessings and gifts within my life. My heart swelled with love as she smiled joyfully at me. I gently poured the water over her feet, the Lavender filling our senses as it wafted through the air. Petals swirled around her feet and she reached for them. I poured a little of the water over her hands and rubbed them together gently. I patted her head with my damp hands and smoothed her hair while whispering: “Thank you Spirit, Mother Earth, and Keepers of the Waters….thank you for blessing us with clean, pure, healing, and sacred water…we offer you our deepest prayers of gratitude and love.”

After Sage Lily’s little hands, feet, and crown were blessed and cleansed with the water, I picked her up in my arms and whispered a prayer of gratitude and love for the gift of her within my life. Then I sat her upon my lap while I placed my own feet in the copper bowl. I repeated the ceremony for myself as she watched me carefully pour the pitcher of warm water over my own feet and my free hand. Rubbing my hands gently together and then wiping them over my crown, all the while whispering my prayers of gratitude and love in a soft sing-song voice. After my own feet were cleaned, I took a small towel and gently patted our feet dry. Then I took the copper bowl of water outside and carefully poured the water upon the plants, sending my prayers and blessings back into the earth saying: “Thank you Spirit, Mother Earth, and Keepers of the Waters…thank you for blessing us with clean, pure, healing and sacred water…we offer you our deepest prayers of gratitude and love as you return to the earth and continue to nourish life in the Sacred Circle. Blessings.”

Sage Lily grinned again at me. I knew she loved this ceremony and approved of it. I love that she is growing up learning to consciously feel and express a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the sacredness of all aspects of life. It is because of her that I have been so very inspired to practice this gratitude and awareness more in my life, so that I can be a good example for her…she is my greatest teacher and I am truly thankful.






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