Connecting to the Divine

“Wake up Gyma….” she whispers softly. “Wake up….we have so many things to do today.” I can hear her speaking to me in my dreams, her sweet bubbling voice breaking through the mist of my dreaming mind. I was somewhere…where…? I was remembering….I was on a very old canoe with rich fabrics and tapestries gathered about the bottom and spilling gently over the sides. Plush pillows of velvets and satins were piled on the bottom of the canoe as I sat upon them in comfort. The waters were still and silent as I drifted across them, the paddle making gentle sloshing sounds in the water as the canoe moved through the swirling fog.

I was focusing on inviting the energy of Christ Consciousness into my being. And as I saw that golden sparkling hue of warm radiant light seeping into the crown of my head and filling the vessel of my body, I felt an immediate sense of peace and tranquility and complete love and acceptance of all. I saw this light radiate upward into a web of beautiful glittering sparkles of light with faint trails connecting to my crown. The Christ Consciousness light reached upward through space like the branches and leaves upon a tree, connecting to the Divine Spirit of All that Is. Gratitude and Love filled my being. And then I saw that same radiant soft glowing golden light trace its way back downward from Spirit, down through my crown, through my spine and my chakra centers, down to my tailbone and root chakra, down like a tail of gentle light reaching off my spine and rooting down into the Earth and deep into her center, toward the Heart of the Earth Mother. As that Christ Consciousness light reached the center of the Heart of Mother Earth, I was filled with Gratitude and Love that radiated beyond my consciousness….I could see that, like a tree, the roots and leaves and fruits of my essence, of my being, of the Christ Consciousness within me was mirroring Above my crown as it was Below by feet.

Again, I watched the radiant golden light travel upward from the Heart of the Mother and back through my body and up through my spine and my chakras. At my Heart chakra, I saw that radiant and beautiful glowing golden light beam outward in all directions, stretching all across the Earth and touching every living creature, every stone, every element, and every spiritual energy entity that worked within the universal dimensions of Earth with the Christ Consciousness light sending waves of Love and Gratitude toward every expression of the Divine. Peace, Joy, Gratitude, and Harmony filled me.

I became aware of the canoe again….the soft, smooth silken feel of the satin pillows beneath my finger tips and the water gently lapping against the sides of the canoe. In the distance I could hear a gently heartbeat of drumming and my senses were filled with the aromatic pungent smell of the smoldering white sage that burned inside an abalone shell at my feet. I was on my way to visit the old Wise Crone at the Mirroring Pond. I wanted to connect with her and see visions of my future and my path. I sought Divine guidance. I desired to walk the sacred path and know that every action, every thought, every feeling, every word was Divinely inspired and guided to heal, to love, and to help every living energy upon this Earthly realm for the highest good of all. I wanted to do my part to be of service the greater whole….

But my thoughts, my dreams, my visions were gently scattered like tiny seeds in a warm summers breeze. I heard her calling me softly, calling me to wake up…which was strange I thought…because my little Sage Lily was barely a year old and could not yet speak more than a couple of words. I smiled as I came to a waking state when I realized she was communicating once again with me on a soul level. Gratitude and Love welled deeply within my heart for her.






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